Pregnancy Petal

Pregnancy Petal

May 2013
The Pregnancy Petal project proposes synthetical modified interactions as a new form of detecting pregnancy, by using petal as bio-sensor.

A woman suffering from anxiety of being pregnant or not might feel awkward to buy pregnancy test kit from public pharmacy, especially for Asian teenage girls. What if flowers – one of the most approachable objects to women – could be used to detect and analyse the body condition?
The Pregnancy Petal project proposes synthetical modified interactions as a new form of detecting pregnancy, by using petal as bio-sensor. This project looks into using plants as bio-sensors to detect body condition in the future, the interaction human have with the bio-medical device, and the relationship between individual privacy and public information.

Research: The principle of a pregnancy test kit is: Markers that indicate pregnancy are found in urine and blood are called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) antigen. Pregnancy test kit contains HCG antibody that helps to detect pregnancy case.

Synthetic biology can give detailed insight into organism’s metabolic processes and introduce new interactions with our body.
With synthetic biology, the DNA of petal is modified by com- bining the HCG antibody, this recombinant DNA is then insert- ed into seed cell. Cell division in the seed is initiated and after a few divisions implanted into a receptive plant. The plant bred by scientist then produce modified new seeds which are ready to be grew by customers, florists, or health service de- partment into pregnancy test flowers which is able to reveal pregnancy results.

Individual Interaction:
For individual use, the flower is planted in garden or indoors. User takes a petal to put into close stool after urination, waits to get the test result, flushed it away.
Assuming the body condition detecting plants could develop a variety of functions(diabetes, hepatitis, etc.), become categorized and systemized, the medicine supply of pharmacy mignt be totally different, the future house, clinic and hospital might be changed into an organic environment.

Public Interaction:
Health condition is always considered as individual privacy. What would happen if there’s an area designed specially for testing body condition, leaking the information of individual health condition?
For government, the plants used as bio-sensors are grew separately in large-scale in public spaces for detecting the epidemic disease (virus influenza, infectious disease even SARS, etc.). Then the individual health condition informa- tion is revealed vaguely in a bigger landscape, therefore the landscape is changed extensively. Satellite camera then is catching the citizen health information in real time.

Outcomes and Developing Plan:
It needs help from genetic medicine science to develop the function system behind, and discuss the sorts of diseases and sorts of plants it can involve with. For the outcomes, they would ideally be objects and fictional film.


May 2013. work-in-progress
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