2014 Mixed media, gallery based interactive installation

Gibbon is a human-like robot who is very sensitive, emotional and easy to get nervous of crowd. He serves as the host of a soap film show which could be customised by audiences on a webpage. While people get close to watch it, Gibbon’s clock spring starts to wind and his long pole might be released to break the soap film at anytime. The more people are staying around the faster the clock spring winds – He wants to disappoint people and make them leave him alone.

The project is based on the topic of robot with self-awareness and emotion in the future. While robots gradually take over our jobs in various fields, will they be competent at all time? will they become slackers? will they have capricious mind and even do negative things sometimes? What kind of new relations may be built when we cooperate with these new “employees” with diverse temperaments?

In collaboration with Cheng Guo

Code: Zhou Peng, Feng Kan
Special thanks to KJ