Mathematical Fantasy

Mathematical Fantasy

Dec 2009

It is my trail in experimental animation developed from a class video research”growth”. I was seeking a new form, rather than traditional figural character or transforming lines. So I built up an abstract mathematical model by changing values of formula.

From image proportion to architectural formation, the golden ratio is used in art and design universally. Moreover, mathematics has been one of the most significant hidden rules behind aesthetics. There is a wide acknowledge about the acting force between these two systems.
Nowadays, science is normally not in the range of contemporary art education. What I did here is to create a amusing image by simply changing the parameters of formula, trying to derive pleasure from these mathematic models.

I hope that the mathematical figure is not only showing a scientific sense of order, but also revelling a fantastic visual appeal.

Formula can be vivid. It is like nothing, however everybody can see different plots in the uncertain story.