Plant Parasites


May 2013, work-in-progress

After the thoughts of flesh growing in the plant (Blood Tree), this project is about plant growing in the flesh, reversely. Could plant extract wastes from body?
Certain plant is bred to take human body toxin and virus as nutriment, and be parasitized on human skin surface. Roots can be applied into vessel (disease based on blood), spine (disease based on nervous system), skin injury or human secretion. It absurd and eats toxin, then becomes withered and falls off naturally after the toxin in body is completely extracted. Being symbiotic with human, the DNA of plant could be modified and personal- ize to match the body condition of the patient.
Could a transgenic plant function as a integrated mechanism and symbiosis with hu- mans? Could humans become parasites and live off another organism?

Wound Healing Moss

There is an article published in Scientific American, April 2013: New Science Shows How Maggots Heal Wounds. Maggot therapy might sound medieval, but modern medicine seems to show that it works. Based on the emerging science encourages the usage of living organism for healing, would it be possible to develop the plant parasite for injury healing use?

Parasitic Grass

Plant bio-engineered to be individualized implants into spine and parasitizes on body as symbiote, to heal disease or reveal body condition.

Virus Extracting Weed

Weed connecting with acu- puncture needle extracts toxin from blood vessel.

DNA Vine

Vine grows on earwax, contains personal DNA information, can be taken out and bred as personal DNA plant.


May 2013. work-in-progress
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