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Workcare Home (Ongoing)
Mar 2015 –

The elderly, inevitably heading to the journey of illness, is going to be the massive group in this ageing society. Illness is subtractive. It takes something away from the person suffering, be it dignity, time, or joy. The idea within this project is therefore to reverse this, instead transforming frustrating illness into something that can be positive even productive.

This productivity can manifest itself in multiple ways. The illness can, for example, become beneficial to the patient through manipulation and transformation, allowing the state of being unhealthy to create certain objects or effects. This would subvert the effects of time and joy, improving the living conditions and quality of life for the patient. Equally, the illness can obtain a positive association through the use of productivity, which can increase the dignity and mental wellbeing of the patient, as their state is no longer debilitating but enabling.

The concept is based in a parallel future, and is therefore largely based in fiction and speculation. By asking the following questions, this project will discuss the possible changing attitudes towards the illness as it transforms from burden into benefit.
What if symptoms could bring more than suffering? If illness are harvested, could the elderly have higher self-value?